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On many occasions I found myself needing animated assets to overlay in different projects. Over time I created different packs, and now those are available for purchase through my Creative Market page. A very small cost for a huge video asset!

Everyday Cover.jpg

Marker Icons

Everyday Collection

These icons are handy across any and every kind of video. From education to travel, these handy animations can be used as call outs, highlights or just to add some spice.

Marker Icons

Multimedia Collection

When in need for that quick way to visually explain or show a specific tech feature. I can't tell you how many times recording a screen just couldn't cut the mustard.

Multimedia Cover.jpg
Maths Cover.jpg

Marker Icons

Maths Collection

Perfect for online and video educators. This pack was created during COVID when teachers had to deliver lessons online via video. The perfect way to build any equation from simple to complex!

Marker Icons

Weather Collection

I always found some opening shots in travel videos needing something extra. Couple these icons with animated text of the temperature, and your opening clips will pop off the screen.

Weather Cover.jpg
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